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originate / происходить, возникать, создавать
occur, happen, take place, be, come, originate
arise, emerge, originate, rise, spring, crop up
create, build, establish, make, produce, originate
have a specified beginning.
the word originated as a marketing term
The system allows users to silently monitor phone lines, or originate calls on other people's lines, Mitnick said.
We didn't go out and originate a track in India with a tabla player and then build upon that.
Alpacas originate from South America and in particular Peru, Chile and Bolivia.
It's hard to originate new ideas and attitudes while surrounded by layers of aging mental clutter.
He begins the review in a fantasy world in which Darwin did not originate the concept of natural selection.
Salsas, which originate in Mexico and South America, are a cross between a sauce and a salad.
All isolates of C. fulvum collected to date originate from commercially grown tomatoes.
Seed germination is a developmental process of reactivation of metabolism to originate a new plant.
If she gets back to Broadway, Braxton hopes to originate a role and not just step into a role created by someone else.
Singers should originate and initiate ideas that are new to the market.