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originality / оригинальность, самобытность, новизна
имя существительное
originality, eccentricity, singularity, distinction
novelty, newness, originality, recency
имя существительное
the ability to think independently and creatively.
a writer of great originality
It was, however, for his skill and originality as an inventor that he was best known.
Worse than those artists who don't try hard enough are those who try, all right, but lack the talent or originality to pull it off.
Most employers I have dealt with don't like originality or anything creative in their employees.
he congratulated her on the originality of her costume
a writer of great originality
At that point, you just want people to appreciate your creativity and originality .
Works which, with originality and wit, redefine the way we distinguish high art and popular culture.
Professional projects are exciting and creative, inviting innovation and originality .
Something that holds true to the franchise yet still manages to hold its own in originality and delivers a sense of freshness while playing.
The competitors will be judged on vocal talent, appearance, originality of performance and stage presence.