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original / оригинал, подлинник, первоисточник
имя существительное
original, master, eccentric, text, character, oddball
script, original
primary source, origin, original, fountainhead
имя прилагательное
original, ingenious, novel, own, individual, unorthodox
initial, original, primary, pristine, primordial, primal
original, initial, parent, departure, opening
имя прилагательное
present or existing from the beginning; first or earliest.
the original owner of the house
created directly and personally by a particular artist; not a copy or imitation.
original Rembrandts
not dependent on other people's ideas; inventive and unusual.
a subtle and original thinker
имя существительное
something serving as a model or basis for imitations or copies.
the portrait may be a copy of the original
an eccentric or unusual person.
he was one of the true originals
Only one of the lions, on the eastern arch, is original .
Her goal is also to create playful, original art that cannot be commodified.
The old houses that were left as they were in that same area are being put back to their original style in the process.
He reads the press in the original language and blogs it for English speakers.
They should be honest that they are in fact selling replicas and not hinting that the handbags are originals with deep discounts.
He created original sounds from his cymbals and skins using sticks, brushes, and even his hands.
Saved at a young age, he learned Greek so that he could read the New Testament in its original language.
I'm looking forward to the Gehry building, though, even though it's been watered down a bit from its original design.
Thus, for the translator, there is a perpetual debt to both the original and the translation.
The digital world with its zeroes and ones and perfect copies of originals has changed the movie landscape forever, which is why the movie world's priorities have been permanently altered.