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organized / организованный, органический, оборудованный
имя прилагательное
organized, orderly, organic, cosmic
organic, constitutional, organized, ingrained
equipped, appointed, tooled, organized
имя прилагательное
arranged in a systematic way, especially on a large scale.
organized crime
arrange into a structured whole; order.
organize lessons in a planned way
make arrangements or preparations for (an event or activity); coordinate.
the union organized a 24-hour general strike
This article offers a new explanation of the explosive tension by arguing that an organized male political campaign conjoined with a socioeconomic protest led by market women.
As young candidates take aim at higher offices, an organized youth political power base may prove essential, especially when going up against older, richer opponents.
Those of us who aren't risking our lives shouldn't criticize her because resistance wasn't of the organized political kind that probably would have gotten her killed.
Readers should forgive Lichtenstein for his ultimate pallid proposals for reversing the recent sharp economic and political decline of organized labor.
Around it was an arrangement of wooden benches and picnic tables that looked like they were once arranged in an organized manner.
I worked for a guy who said that he loved employing pregnant women because they were so organized and efficient.
The United Nations is certainly the most modern form of organized political expression yet invented.
After one and one-half years in her current position, she finds that she has learned to be more organized and efficient with her time, which gives her more time with the patient.
But while men have maintained a firm grip on official leadership positions in organized labor, women are gaining power and attention in different ways.
The policy of terror was certainly carried out on a vast scale, and in many cases was organized and systematic.