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organic / органический, органичный, натуральный
имя прилагательное
organic, constitutional, organized, ingrained
natural, organic, native, fresh, inartificial, in-kind
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or derived from living matter.
organic soils
of or relating to a bodily organ or organs.
Common organic causes of her headaches had been ruled out by x-rays, MRI, and spinal tap.
denoting a relation between elements of something such that they fit together harmoniously as necessary parts of a whole.
the organic unity of the integral work of art
If you don't add organic matter you destroy the soil.
The longer we oppose this painful, yet necessarily organic and gradual process, the longer the failures of capitalism go uncorrected.
The next morning, I stumble downstairs to find the corporate machine whirring along with seamless organic synergy.
These elements include comprehensive planning for the city as an organic whole, and emphases on the circulation of goods and people, on order and security, and on hygiene and health.
Survival depended on operating as an integrated organic whole.
However, studies on patients with fibromyalgia find an organic basis for symptoms in only a small proportion of people.
The next few years should also see organic sales growth of about 5% a year, putting double-digit earnings growth comfortably within reach.
The sediment, rich in heavy metal elements and organic substances, takes in dissolved oxygen and discharges smelly waste such as methane and sulphide into the water.
Whilst trading conditions remain competitive, sales are expected to pick up in 2005 and the company intends to focus on organic growth going forward.
We continue to gain market share in key target markets and achieve good revenue growth from both acquisitions and organic developments.