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ordure / навоз, грязь, отбросы
имя существительное
manure, dung, muck, droppings, ordure
mud, dirt, sludge, filth, grime, ordure
garbage, waste, scum, dregs, refuse, ordure
litter, rubbish, garbage, trash, refuse, ordure
profligacy, lechery, whoredom, harlotry, debauch, ordure
имя существительное
excrement; dung.
Distilling that heap of ordure down to only ten nuggets of blackest filth takes work.
Perhaps if one refrained from singing because you loved the sound of your voice, people would be less likely to scoop up ordure and fling it at your head.
It's going to try to get a gun or a bomb in, so the hell with people throwing ordure from the public gallery - that's democracy.
He appears to have been recently pelted with ordure .
Oblivious to the splish-splash, Slingblades frankfurter fingers snatched the mop into action causing the tangled mophead to swoop on and smear the pigeon ordure .
Thus, worse off than wild animals, many of which withdraw to a distance and conceal their ordure , the dwellers in these courts had converted their shame into a kind of money by which their lodging was to be paid.
Or are we supposed to approach 2020 smelling of ordure , and sinking in swill?
My bowels, recognising the significance of this moment, conspired to produce some ordure so foul smelling, that even I, its originator, was uncomfortable being in its presence.
But he is bogged down by a terrible script - crammed with all that is clunky, cutesy and phoney - and surrounded by actors giving turns of pure ordure .
That way they won't blow your cover when the ordure hits the air-conditioning.
These sub-humans are attracted to the happiness of others like flies to ordure .