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ordination / рукоположение, посвящение в духовный сан
имя существительное
посвящение в духовный сан
ordination, vestiture
имя существительное
the action of ordaining or conferring holy orders on someone.
Behr-Sigel recognizes that Orthodox women are not permitted to preach within the liturgy itself, and that the possibility of ordination to the presbyterate seems a dim prospect.
a statistical technique in which data from a large number of sites or populations are represented as points in a two- or three-dimensional coordinate frame.
A non-metric multidimensional scaling ordination identified two gradients of species replacement distinguished by differences in forest canopy species and groundcover.
Lutherans had agreed to the Episcopal practice of ordination by a bishop.
Such trends are better displayed by ordination techniques that map the relationship between communities in two- or three-dimensional space.
Among Anglicans, responsibility for the good order of the Church is placed in the hands of bishops by custom, rites of ordination , and canon law.
Whether at ordination a man expected to be a priest for thirty-seven years or forty-eight years, ordination was ordination .
In order for a woman to be recognized as deacon an ordination had to take place.
Inter-sample relationships in ordination space were largely determined by the abundance of common taxa.
Redwoods Presbytery voted 90-37 to approve Morrison's ordination and installation as a field director for More Light Presbyterians.
The requirements of assembling the ordination are the principal limitation to wide application.
The more we think about ordination in the context of baptism, the greater the leveling effect.
The Protestant Church of North India is now training women for ordination , despite initial resistance.