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ordinarily / обычно, обыкновенно, обычным путем
usually, generally, commonly, ordinarily, mostly, as a rule
usually, commonly, ordinarily, mostly
обычным путем
ordinarily, in a general way
the fixings that would ordinarily appear at a grand turkey dinner
in a normal way.
an effort to behave ordinarily
Hypnosis merely helps them to lift inhibitions that they may, ordinarily , have against performing in public.
Things that would ordinarily be classified as bad practice usually go unnoticed.
Maintenance staff ordinarily clean up the litter, and it's back to life as usual.
ordinarily, Linda was the handy one around the house
Although this would ordinarily have me heading for the hills, there is more than enough strangeness and humour to balance it out.
It started ordinarily enough with me standing outside my local convenience store, but there seemed to be something different about it.
This is a party at the beginning of the season here in Martha's Vineyard, and ordinarily Kay would be here.
an effort to behave ordinarily
Well, this president has emerged as a much more polarizing figure in time of war than we're ordinarily used to.
But ordinarily it is best to just put everything in one book.