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orderly / упорядоченный, дневальный, аккуратный
имя прилагательное
ordered, orderly, regularized, regulated, square, cosmic
orderly, careful, neat, tidy, trim, snug
имя существительное
orderly, medical orderly, male nurse, corpsman, paramedic, bearer
orderly, batman, striker
orderly, orderly man
в полном порядке
orderly, shipshape
имя прилагательное
neatly and methodically arranged.
an orderly arrangement of objects
имя существительное
an attendant in a hospital responsible for the nonmedical care of patients and the maintenance of order and cleanliness.
The agreement covers staff working in various roles such as orderlies , patient care assistants, kitchen staff, catering attendants and gardeners.
a soldier who carries out orders or performs minor tasks for an officer.
They had served in the field as nurses and ambulance drivers and performed military support roles as cooks and orderlies , clerical workers, telephonists, and signallers.
In the middle of the procession, a hospital orderly pushed a wheelchair.
These, then, enabled the people to be orderly and disciplined, even selfless, and lead a peaceful existence.
When I passed through Williton on my way to the railway station in Taunton early this afternoon the Shell garage was the focus of an orderly queue of vehicles waiting in line for their turn at the pumps.
Once help arrived, people would have been orderly .
You would have seen the six armies, arranged in orderly fashion in the huge courtyard.
He established guards for his artillery trains and directed that a liaison orderly be sent from each battery to brigade headquarters.
I can arrange them in an logical and orderly fashion in my mind.
The man steps out of the shadows and reveals himself to be a hospital orderly .
But she does nevertheless enjoy much respect for representing a rather stiff, formal, orderly Britain that many people are sad to have lost.
The rest of the morning I accompany Manuel, an orderly who treats patients with tuberculosis.