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ordeal / тяжелое испытание, суровое испытание, мытарство
имя существительное
тяжелое испытание
ordeal, hardship
суровое испытание
crucible, ordeal
имя существительное
a painful or horrific experience, especially a protracted one.
the ordeal of having to give evidence
an ancient test of guilt or innocence by subjection of the accused to severe pain, survival of which was taken as divine proof of innocence.
Those presented might then be put to the ordeal to ascertain their guilt or innocence.
Support from other abuse victims and the police had helped her to cope with the ordeal of the trial, she said.
Staff morale must be sapped by the ordeal of coping with crisis conditions day after day.
At least the ordeal of yet another defeat was over sooner than expected.
The judge gave him credit for pleading guilty which spared the girl the ordeal of attending court.
All but the most ardent rodent fanciers would consider this a highly unpleasant ordeal .
She believes young pupils should not have to go through the ordeal of a formal examination.
Throughout the ordeal of recent months, Darius has clearly drawn strength from his family.
Most were more than willing to talk about the ordeal of the last few days.
As a consequence he forced the families through the ordeal of the trial.
The alternative would have been to put their children through the ordeal of a possible court case.