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ordain / посвящать в духовный сан, предопределять, предписывать
посвящать в духовный сан
ordain, frock
predetermine, ordain, foreordain, predestinate, predestine, order
prescribe, enjoin, ordain, order, dictate, enact
make (someone) a priest or minister; confer holy orders on.
While in Golden, he was ordained an Episcopal minister and later served residents in Colorado's mining camps during his scientific excursions.
order or decree (something) officially.
equal punishment was ordained for the two crimes
To think that separation should be considered between us before fate had so ordained !
In 1655, with a degree from Padua, he was ordained to the priesthood.
She had run from the devastation she had caused and from her brethren, who pursued her to bring her to justice ordained by the council.
Milingo's message in that open letter was that time was nigh for the Catholic Church to do away with celibacy vows as it was ordained by God that man and woman should marry and raise families.
In 1948 Dad was ordained a minister in the Chortitzer Mennonite Church and served until 1981, when he retired from that service.
God and/or the king had ordained it, and they were powerless.
It may seem you are making your own destiny, but always you follow the path Fate ordained .
In 1959 Andrew was ordained as a minister and has served the Lord faithfully in different ministries, pastoring churches in Mexico and Texas.
He was ordained as a Lutheran minister in 1819 and later entered the Presbyterian ministry.
He was ordained to the priesthood in 1987 by Dublin auxiliary Bishop Des Williams.