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orbit / орбита, сфера, сфера деятельности
имя существительное
orbit, orb, circle
sphere, scope, area, realm, domain, orbit
сфера деятельности
scope, field, sphere, framework, service, orbit
выводить на орбиту
place in orbit, orbit, put in orbit
вращаться по орбите
выходить на орбиту
orbit, go into orbit
имя существительное
the curved path of a celestial object or spacecraft around a star, planet, or moon, especially a periodic elliptical revolution.
He therefore accepted Kepler's theory of elliptical orbits for the planets and tested Kepler's laws by direct observation.
a sphere of activity, interest, or application.
a radical filmmaker outside the Hollywood orbit
the cavity in the skull of a vertebrate that contains the eye; the eye socket.
Because the orbit (eye socket) is made of bone it cannot expand to accommodate the protruding eyeball.
(of a celestial object or spacecraft) move in orbit around (a star, planet, or moon).
Mercury orbits the Sun
As it moves further away from us, the Moon takes longer to complete an orbit .
He may have come within the orbit of the literary set of which Jonson had been the leader.
Each electron orbit of the same size or energy could only hold so many electrons.
The Moon crosses the plane of Earth's orbit twice in each complete orbit .
The most interesting problem would have been refueling the booster in orbit .
It will spend four years in orbit around the gas giant, exploring the planet and its rings and moons.
Galileo has operated in orbit more than three times longer than its originally planned mission.
We have one great thing in common with Mars - both planets orbit the same star.
One was spotted by the Europeans and is so close to its parent star that it completes an orbit in just four days.
The Hubble space telescope has been in orbit for 15 years, during which time it has taken over 750,000 images of the universe.