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oratory / красноречие, ораторское искусство, риторика
имя существительное
eloquence, oratory, declamation, felicity of phrase
ораторское искусство
oratory, elocution, rhetoric, eloquence
rhetoric, oratory, eloquence
имя существительное
a small chapel, especially for private worship.
At the same time, the Filippine Order was spreading its wings, and oratories were set up in many cities in Roman Catholic countries.
(in the Roman Catholic Church) a religious society of secular priests founded in Rome in 1564 to provide plain preaching and popular services and established in various countries.
the art or practice of formal speaking in public.
‘By any standards public oratory is appalling’, claimed Donald Horne in The Lucky Country.
The collection is enjoyable, and one can learn a fair bit about Thatcher herself, recent British political history, and oratory generally from listening.
Rhetoric can be described as the art of composition, while oratory was the art of public speaking.
‘By any standards public oratory is appalling’, claimed Donald Horne in The Lucky Country.
Even by the dismal standards of modern political oratory , it was desperate stuff.
Recently, however, a group of researchers led by James Cone has challenged this view, arguing that King's theology and oratory sprang mainly from his boyhood training at Ebenezer Church.
Upstairs there is a small oratory with stained glass window, four bedrooms, a linen room, washroom and shower room.
The compactness of the oratory contributed to the reverence and respect which was to be found everywhere.
Concern has been expressed at the unsuitability of the current oratory premises and the people are concerned that the oratory will be permanently closed.
In political oratory and pedagogy, as in the novel, the authority of displayed deliberation was pervasive.
learned discussions degenerated into pompous oratory