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oration / речь
имя существительное
speech, language, address, words, discourse, oration
имя существительное
a formal speech, especially one given on a ceremonial occasion.
They've done mock interviews, funeral orations , series of imagined letters from the famous person to a grandchild, or from an invented friend to the famous person.
In contrast, however, to the stereotype of the reserved, stoic Indian, Creeks respected impassioned public speakers, and lengthy oration was common at council meetings.
Their aptitude for charismatic and persuasive oration has earned some particularly articulate Griots positions as spokesmen for politicians and presidents.
It spirals from crisp oration into stream-of-consciousness babble and finally into gibberish.
Pericles' famous funeral oration
Why do we admire musical ability and adept oration ?
Leo McIntire then took over her mantle but his eloquent oration and superlatives went over the head of Brendan Bradley, who had to ask me what some of the big words meant.
there is nothing quite like his messianic oration
They were enraptured by Mr Durai's fiery oration .
The theme of the most famous of those orations is democracy.
Set in a future-world London, a.d.3700, the novel is a fragmented fictive archive of orations , dialogues, dream-visions, and the working papers of its protagonist.