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orange / оранжевый, апельсиновый, апельсинный
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
оранжевый цвет
orange, tangerine, mandarin, mandarine
апельсиновое дерево
имя прилагательное
reddish yellow, like a ripe orange in color.
an orange glow in the sky
имя существительное
a round juicy citrus fruit with a tough bright reddish-yellow rind.
Slice each orange into 5mm rounds, trying to reserve as much juice as you can.
the leathery-leaved evergreen tree that bears the orange, native to warm regions of south and Southeast Asia. Oranges are a major commercial crop in many warm regions of the world.
Zhaar or orange flower water is an extract of the Bergamot orange tree .
a bright reddish-yellow color like that of the skin of a ripe orange.
We mean really bright colours like orange , yellow, red, and green.
имя существительное
a town in southern France, on the Rhône River, home of the ancestors of the Dutch royal house.
a city in southwestern California, southeast of Los Angeles in an agricultural area; population 136,392 (est. 2008).
Its creamy yellow to deep orange flowers glow like sunshine even on the darkest day until the frost finally kills them at the end of the year.
The view from the wooden deck is a mesh of banana, mango, orange , and momonchino trees.
The sun was setting in the distance giving the evening an orange and yellow glow.
There were sunshine yellow trains, orange trains, blue ones and green.
A little further down the coast we admire the rickety wooden fishermen's huts when a man in his seventies eating an orange starts chatting.
He looked down at her light, yellow and orange skirt.
As I gulped down my pint of Bud, Tony washed down a pack of dry roasted with a diet coke and Debbie sipped at her vodka and orange .
Plants with sunset colours of bright orange and crimson stand out and make an easy target for the eye.
Dyer is putting on an exhibition of running around, sort of like a mini-Pete Sampras lookalike who's drunk too much fizzy orange .
Hot pink, vibrant orange , purple, turquoise and green of any shade were the colours of the day, with ladies strutting around like beautiful birds of paradise.