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oral / устный, ротовой, оральный
имя прилагательное
oral, verbal, spoken, viva, viva voce, vocal
oral, oscular
verbal, wordy, oral, nuncupative
имя существительное
устный экзамен
oral examination, oral, viva, viva voce, apposition, viva voce examination
имя прилагательное
by word of mouth; spoken rather than written.
they had reached an oral agreement
of or relating to the mouth.
oral hygiene
имя существительное
a spoken examination or test.
he was preparing for his orals
Indeed, the effect of the Internet on a largely oral society like Sierra Leone will be profound.
The patient's oral hygiene was very poor with extensive gingivitis.
Primarily, the issue is one of non-disclosure of documents rather than oral testimony.
The second option includes writing and presenting an oral defense of a graduate thesis.
Basque Americans have been relatively slow to establish a literary tradition, in part because so much of their background was based on an oral culture.
12 vowels are distinguished; six oral vowels and six nasal vowels.
If your blood pressure increases significantly, you may have to try a different oral contraceptive or switch to a different form of birth control.
Awareness of fabrication and false teaching has long existed but became a major issue in academic circles in the twentieth century due to early reliance on oral , rather than written, transmission.
We face problems when our ingrained literacy is brought to oral cultures.
The system had been used to record oral literature but had ultimately been abandoned.