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oracular / пророческий, загадочный, вещий
имя прилагательное
prophetic, prophetical, oracular, predictive, fateful, divine
enigmatic, cryptic, inscrutable, enigmatical, oracular, Delphian
prophetic, pythonic, oracular, prophetical
претендующий на непогрешимость
pontifical, oracular
dogmatic, dogmatical, pontifical, oracular, peremptory
имя прилагательное
of or relating to an oracle.
the oracular shrine
While the poetry is cryptic, allusive and ambiguous, the prose is lucid, oracular , loftily self-assured.
This turns out to be brief and oracular , and tells us nothing about Delbrel.
Another aspect of the wise-woman's status is that she is regarded as an oracular authority for her community regarding the meaning and significance of experiences they fail to understand - accidents, misfortunes, mysterious illness.
The Great Columnists assume oracular status; they become machines that issue well-pondered remarks at regular intervals.
A further oracular pronouncement has effectively restored Oedipus's free will.
The news anchors themselves, in the heyday of network television, acquired a kind of oracular glow, a comforting sense that, whatever else was going on, some kind of reliable narrative, some kind of verifiable truth could be found within.
The public seems to equate being uncertain with ignorance; when people ask who's going to win, they want an answer that is confident, certain, oracular .
Laius set off to ask the oracular Pythoness at Delphi how to deal with this monster.
In oracular mode Peter Jenkins predicts that, inside of ten years, recreational tree climbing will eclipse both rock climbing and caving in mass participation.
Thus the same articulation pertains in the Panhellenic Games as in the order of the oracular consultation.