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oracle / оракул, предсказание, прорицание
имя существительное
prediction, divination, forecast, oracle, prognostication, augury
divination, oracle, augury
имя существительное
a priest or priestess acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in classical antiquity.
Her priests and oracles are all being kept in the tower.
a response or message given by an oracle, typically one that is ambiguous or obscure.
The oracle 's prophesy declares that Athens will one day conquer Thebes.
he reigned supreme as the Colonial Office's oracle on Africa
The mass media had appropriated the role of the historian as the oracle of the nation.
Instead of the physicist, they consult an oracle .
The oracle told that the cure would come to Telephos by means of rust from the sword of the very Achilles who had wounded him.
He is represented with a bow, and is linked to the laurel tree, the leaves of which were used by his priestess at the oracle of Delphi.
Poseidon and Athena were vying for control of Athens, and having consulted an oracle he advised that every Athenian should vote for their preference.
But I think more important than the oracle at Delphi is Socrates' conviction that there is an inner prophetic voice speaking to him.
Another time Rutilianus consulted the oracle on the choice of a wife.
The oracle was consulted by Achilles, Heracles and other mythological heroes.