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or / или, либо
or, either
имя существительное
disjunction, or
желтый цвет
yellow, amber, chrome, or
золотой цвет
имя существительное
a Boolean operator that gives the value one if at least one operand (or input) has a value of one, and otherwise has a value of zero.
gold or yellow, as a heraldic tincture.
a bend or
used to link alternatives.
a cup of tea or coffee
introducing a synonym or explanation of a preceding word or phrase.
the espionage novel, or, as it is known in the trade, the thriller
otherwise (used to introduce the consequences of something not being done or not being the case).
hurry up, or you'll miss it all
introducing an afterthought, usually in the form of a question.
John's indifference—or was it?—left her unsettled
to love is the one way to know or God or man
We are just interested in your honest opinions - there are no right or wrong answers.
we don't tell them it's good or bad
somehow or other I knew you'd come
By early Tuesday he was dead - a victim of the most deadly of the world's culinary delicacies, the blowfish or fugu.
I either take taxis or walk everywhere
tea or coffee
a cup of tea or coffee
I had to stop on the way or I would've been there sooner
it wasn't hot or anything like it
the espionage novel, or, as it is known in the trade, the thriller