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opulent / богатый, пышный, напыщенный
имя прилагательное
rich, wealthy, affluent, abundant, full, opulent
lush, luxuriant, sumptuous, opulent, gingerbread, pompous
pompous, bombastic, stilted, turgid, highfalutin, opulent
имя прилагательное
ostentatiously rich and luxurious or lavish.
the opulent comfort of a limousine
The Velingrad factory was able to provide replacements that respected the castle's classical tradition and opulent furnishings.
It features opulent sets, exquisite costumes and lush Busby Berkeley-style dance sequences.
Each location and set is opulent , textured and rich, portraying a period feel while keeping a morbid and often gothic atmosphere.
The costumes, which have to be rather opulent to fit the period of the play, fill eight trunks and that is not counting all the turbans they wear on stage, he adds.
This time it was a confectioner's shop, decidedly grandiose and apparently opulent .
Beyond the crack, I caught a peak at a room built purely for comfort, decorated so richly as to be almost too opulent .
I bring this to his attention in the opulent comfort of the living room of his Holland Park house.
The wealth from oil enabled him to head an opulent and corrupt court.
Zeng Li deserves praise for the sumptuous sets, and Jerome Kaplan for the opulent costumes.
And the hotel's opulent dining rooms, with elaborately decorated gold columns and mirrored walls, serve good food.