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optional / необязательный, факультативный
имя прилагательное
optional, dispensable, permissive, elective, facultative
optional, facultative, elective, permissive
имя прилагательное
available to be chosen but not obligatory.
a wide range of optional excursions is offered
optional upgrade
Victorian dress for visitors is optional and a prize will be given for the best outfit.
The course will consist of optional modules, which cover a variety of parenting skills for young fathers.
Using an apostrophe to show plurals of numbers, letters, and figures is optional .
Add any or all of the optional ingredients, cooking a few more minutes before adding the parsley.
For the regular students of the Oxford School it forms part of their optional curriculum.
the qualification is optional
That helmet does mean that the optional sound-system is a bit pointless, though.
Unlike the Olympics, training is optional and competitors are not subjected to doping tests.
An optional carry case is available which features an armband strap.