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option / вариант, опция, опцион
имя существительное
option, version, variant, variation, edition
имя существительное
a thing that is or may be chosen.
choose the cheapest options for supplying energy
an offensive play in which the ball carrier has the option to run, pass, hand off, or lateral.
buy or sell an option on (something).
his second script will have been optioned by the time you read this
In any event, I was given the option of staying on until the election but also told that I shouldn't use the column as a platform for the Socialist Alliance.
People found dumping illegally within the city boundary will go to court and will not be given the option of paying an on-the-spot fine.
He said that as head teacher he could not force youngsters to wear uniforms either but the school hoped parents saw it as a practical option .
It exercised its option to sell and tried to persuade Time Warner to pay in cash instead of stock.
They were also given the option of keeping a weblog for their journal assignment, but so far no one has indicated any interest in that either.
he has no option but to pay up
He particularly liked the line in which we reported how drinkers were given the option of leaving before work began, or staying all-night for a lock-in.
Most of the time will be spent on the chosen option but each participant will get some experience of the other areas.
I have asked many married couples I know whether they would, if given the option , trade in their marriages for a civil union.
When people were given the option of not having their name listed, many demurred, and the list became incomplete and not very useful.