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optimum / оптимальный, наилучший
имя прилагательное
optimal, optimum, fine-drawn
optimum, prime, banner, topflight, tops, top-of-the-line
имя существительное
наиболее благоприятные условия
имя прилагательное
most conducive to a favorable outcome; best.
the optimum childbearing age
имя существительное
the most favorable conditions or level for growth, reproduction, or success.
For some, but not all, of these thermally sensitive traits acclimatization leads to adaptive shifts in thermal optima and limits.
Physically he looks really well - his coat is black and glossy and he's probably about optimum weight.
At Macy's age, the optimum amount of alcohol for her to consume is less than one unit a day.
So it is irrelevant what he or she thinks is a fair, just, or optimum law or philosophy of life.
So why are some of those who manage to provide this optimum environment for their children now demanding to be compensated?
The single will be launched on The Late Late Show with the hope of reaching optimum sales in Christmas week.
Positioning oneself for optimum tanning on a Balearic beach requires some thought.
After slaughter, it ought to have been hung for approximately 28 days for optimum texture and flavour.
There is a body of evidence that only custom fitted suits give optimum performance.
So did you find that there was any sort of optimum age for starting school?
It's going to take at least six to eight months under optimum conditions to grow another stem cell.