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optical / оптический, зрительный
имя прилагательное
optic, optical, visual
visual, optic, optical, visional
имя прилагательное
of or relating to sight, especially in relation to the physical action of light.
optical illusions
operating in or employing the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum.
optical telescopes
In medium- and high-grade metamorphic terrains, these studies can be adequately accomplished with the aid of optical microscopy.
Unlike its electrical predecessor, an optical switch does not convert the signal to an electrical impulse before directing it.
In addition, in bioengineering the low-power demands of this technology are promising for use in hearing aids and optical prosthetics.
You can operate an optical telegraph as used in the Napoleonic wars, crank up second world war field telephones and learn to read Morse and semaphore.
The forward periscope is replaced by a passive optical periscope for night-time manoeuvres.
The optical sight works either by using ambient light or under low light conditions, from a battery or tritium insert.
Normally, when Christine and I do any serious bird watching, it is with the Core Team and their plethora of optical aids and identification tomes.
Here's a look at how test sequencers can speed up tests on optical devices, saving time and money.
But you can easily add another hard drive, drop in a graphics card or add a new optical drive.
This mismatch, he says, militates against the Hockney-Falco claim that the painter relied on optical aids.