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opt-out / уклоняться, устраняться
dodge, skew, avoid, shrink, evade, deviate
opt out, retire
имя существительное
an instance of choosing not to participate in something.
opt-outs from key parts of the treaty
The British government has also indicated it will seek to defend its opt-out , which has existed since the introduction of the 48-hour week in 1993.
There are so many issues that the opt-out has been put on the back burner.
But many African nations do not use the opt-out for lack of legal know-how and because they are ‘under pressure not to do so.’
Most observers believe a Scottish opt-out will not be launched until the switch from terrestrial to digital broadcasting allows viewers to make their own choice of exactly what to watch.
Under the opt-out negotiated by John Major at Maastricht in 1992, we stood on the sidelines preferring, as John Major put it, to ‘wait and see’.
He said that if the Government successfully negotiated the defence opt-out , the leaders of his organisation would not campaign again against the treaty in a new referendum.
opponents to the opt-out can lodge objections with the Education Secretary
Last week the BBC announced that viewers to Newsnight were up by 100,000 since the opt-out was introduced, with many switching on after 11 pm to see the Scottish element.
There will be a huge row later this year when the opt-out , which was negotiated by the Conservative Government a decade ago, will be reviewed by the European Commission.
It has refused to insist on an opt-out from the European Convention on Human Rights, and refused to acknowledge that its own Human Rights Act has made immigration policy impossible.