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opt / выбирать
choose, select, pick, opt, elect, take
make a choice from a range of possibilities.
consumers will opt for low-priced goods
It will also give him another option if the selectors decide to opt for the extra bowler.
consumers will opt for low-priced goods
Always opt for four individual shots if possible so that you can choose the best of the four.
Couples who opt to live more simply can still live on a single income, he suggested.
consumers will opt for low-priced goods
With so many choices at her fingertips, she has opted for delicate, minute alterations.
Parents opting for single-sex schools take other factors into account, though.
The idea that they opted for such a lifestyle out of choice is both heartless and fanciful.
There remain some issues to resolve and a few players are still opting to continue their boycott.
Nonetheless, he should be financially secure for life when he opts to cash in his shares, though he says he is having too much fun at the moment to think about doing so.