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opprobrium / позор, посрамление, оскорбление
имя существительное
disgrace, shame, dishonor, infamy, ignominy, opprobrium
insult, abuse, affront, offense, outrage, opprobrium
имя существительное
harsh criticism or censure.
his films and the critical opprobrium they have generated
For now, officials trying to protect the public risk punishment and opprobrium , while terrorists trying to invade and destroy the country enjoy politically motivated protection.
Terzani eventually earned the Chinese government's opprobrium and was expelled in 1984 for counter-revolutionary activities.
After all, securing broad public approval or at least avoiding public opprobrium is crucial for their long term financial survival.
Ransome-Kuti's sense of social responsibility overrode his apprehension of the social stigma and opprobrium that might affect his extended family.
Indeed, stepping over the party line on this subject can result in ostracism, opprobrium and banishment to career Siberias.
The fact that some of these constraints will manifest themselves as moral opprobrium and self-regulation makes it all the more worrying.
Liberalism does not mean withholding criticism, judgement, or moral opprobrium .
The most striking element of their behaviour has been a capacity to follow every bad decision with a worse one, combining wrong-headedness with moral weakness to create layer upon layer of confusion, embarrassment and opprobrium .
‘I'm indifferent to opprobrium and disfavor,’ he says cheerfully.
For some they are a source of middle-class opprobrium , while for others they are an art form, reflecting social, political and cultural change.