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oppressive / деспотический, гнетущий, угнетающий
имя прилагательное
despotic, oppressive, autocratic, arbitrary, domineering, autocratical
depressing, oppressive, dismal, depressive, oppressing, sullen
имя прилагательное
unjustly inflicting hardship and constraint, especially on a minority or other subordinate group.
an oppressive dictatorship
Women's home life was oppressive and harsh even among the better classes.
And that oppressive atmosphere is reinforced even by absence.
Examples of the oppressive and repressive treatment of women abound.
Some people love hot weather, but I find it oppressive and stifling and generally unpleasant.
Also, one has to brave crowds of tourists, loud music and a generally oppressive high-tech atmosphere to get to the classical section.
And in one very long day, these characters are about to enter the autumn of their lives with an oppressive weight on their shoulders.
The sun rose, becoming oppressive as we traveled through the chain of islands.
It may feel somewhat oppressive for those readers who don't mind a crazy wife in the attic but ultimately prefer to see intelligent love conquer all.
He threw out an estimate that perhaps two cents from every litre of gas we buy goes to support a dictatorship or other oppressive forms of government.
Whatever oppressive tactics the authorities use, we should not let them stop us protesting and expressing our anger about their atrocities.