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oppression / угнетение, гнет, притеснение
имя существительное
oppression, oppressing
oppression, pressure
oppression, oppressing
имя существительное
prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control.
a region shattered by oppression and killing
Tens of millions around the globe see it, with justification, as an emblem of their oppression and misery.
Poverty and oppression are palpable here, as is the social anger of the working class at these conditions.
The republic was unlike all the countries of old Europe, which were based on oppression , poverty and ignorance.
The politicians used their opportunity to inflict mass poverty, oppression and murder.
Millions of people the world over have marched against war, privatisation, oppression and poverty.
Now people are subjected to oppression like before independence.
There is evidence that drugs can be a symptom of urban poverty and oppression .
Several students felt that the stories of oppression and abuse that they had heard had been difficult to endure.
Starvation, slavery, oppression and fear continue to dominate much of our world.
We want to end exploitation, oppression , injustice, inequality, poverty, hunger and violence.