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oppress / угнетать, притеснять, давить
oppress, grind, depress, weigh down, damp, deject
oppress, push, screw, tread underfoot
press, crush, squeeze, tread, oppress, squash
oppress, dispirit, deject, aggrieve, try
keep (someone) in subservience and hardship, especially by the unjust exercise of authority.
a system that oppressed working people
As a country's economy grows, more men gain the material strength to exploit and oppress women.
He uses stealthy means to savagely oppress the common people.
On the way, London's ancient, massive buildings, black statues and dirt surround me, oppress and burden me.
It argues that the modern world fosters institutions and ideas that exploit and oppress people and degrade and destroy the environment.
A group of youngsters demonstrated with great vigour, what it meant to stand up against the power of a foreign power that continued to oppress the people of India.
And we are going to stand up for people around the world, oppressed people, who want us to stand up for them.
So we're going to fight for you against the people who are oppressing you.
The oppressed and brutalized have become the brutal oppressors .
They have fostered a view of police officers as bullies and oppressors not to be cooperated with.
I've gotten over being oppressed by it though and will carry on.