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opposing / сопротивление
имя существительное
resistance, resist, opposition, strength, stand, opposing
имя прилагательное
in conflict or competition with a specified or implied subject.
the opposing team
disapprove of and attempt to prevent, especially by argument.
those of you who oppose capital punishment
Macrolevel interventions can trigger competition between constituencies with opposing values and are often controversial.
If the press does not offer free space to opposing issues, then it is simply a mouthpiece for a dictatorship.
The boys soon began taunting and insulting each other, in some cases turning against good friends who were now on the opposing team.
As always, those details are catalogued with absolute accuracy and impressive style on the opposing page by the editor, C. F.
There are vastly differing and often opposing views based on contrasting perceptions and interpretations of current events and of the history leading up to the situation as it is today.
A debate is not a debate unless there are two opposing sides contributing to a subject - and this particular subject is very, very important.
He also composed poems about the characters on the opposing pages.
Among the most hotly debated changes is a proposed limit to injunctive relief standards, with different industries taking opposing sides.
Sometimes opposing pages will switch from full color to monochrome.
The game was to have been played last Sunday week but was put back due to an objection being lodged against the Cork champions by the opposing team in the Munster final.