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oppose / выступать против, противиться, противопоставлять
выступать против
oppose, argue against, deprecate, clamor against, buck, contest
resist, oppose, counter, buck, stand against, kick against
oppose, contrast, contrapose, set against, match, set off
disapprove of and attempt to prevent, especially by argument.
those of you who oppose capital punishment
Neither opposed the Treaty using arguments based on its actual content.
Our national interest is such that we would oppose any attempt to weaken the jurisdiction of coastal states.
I opposed the argument in the public forum and afterwards we went into the Green Room and we continued to chat.
But I don't think the paper provides any reason for opposing them; the argument has to be conducted on other grounds.
Supporters and opposers of a controversial development in Abberton will have to wait another five weeks until the final verdict is revealed.
They came to oppose attempts by the London fire authority to remove one of the station's two engines.
a candidate to oppose the leader in the presidential contest
Such a struggle can only go forward if it consciously opposes the union bureaucracy and advances a socialist perspective, challenging the very basis of the profit system itself.
There were no opposers and no counter proposals.
those of you who oppose capital punishment