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opportunistic / оппортунистических
opportunist, tactical
  • opportunistic behavior - оппортунистическое поведение
имя прилагательное
exploiting chances offered by immediate circumstances without reference to a general plan or moral principle.
the change was cynical and opportunistic
It would be even more disturbing should it emerge that the approach is an opportunistic one, seeking merely to plunder industry without regard to the wider implications.
Mr Flavin said the group would continue to increase sales through a combination of organic growth and opportunistic acquisitions.
I think he took an opportunistic political move in the area.
These disruptions have allowed opportunistic creatures to move in.
The company's voracious appetite for acquisitions was opportunistic and did not follow a strategic plan, the report continues, and made it difficult for investors to compare results from year to year.
Politicians, particularly brutally opportunistic politicians, take their cue from the temper of the times.
It seems likely that this too was a politically opportunistic decision.
Moreover, differential diagnosis to exclude opportunistic infections is difficult, due to relatively similar clinical and laboratory presentations.
Politicians here should learn the lesson that people can see through such opportunistic politiking.
People think of us as opportunistic and selfish people who will do anything for power, and electing a leader on the basis of who will most likely return us to power is not a good way to go about changing that!