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opportunist / оппортунист
имя существительное
opportunist, trimmer, timeserver
имя прилагательное
opportunist, timeserving
имя прилагательное
the calculating and opportunist politician
имя существительное
a person who exploits circumstances to gain immediate advantage rather than being guided by consistent principles or plans.
most burglaries are committed by casual opportunists
Such information was priceless for opportunist burglars, he added.
Nor is it all the fault of racist or opportunist politicians - but they hardly help.
Careless motorists whose vehicles are ‘shop windows’ for opportunist thieves have left a York beat officer at the end of his tether.
What all these opportunist groups oppose, above all, is any independent role for the working class.
A simple device is being promoted to deter opportunist thieves.
Wife beating is not endorsed, although some opportunist clerics interpret that it is permissible.
Police want to boost the numbers of residents participating in the scheme which is proven to cut crime and acts as a deterrent to opportunist thieves and intruders.
This flows organically from their opportunist politics.
Customers visiting supermarkets in the town have been hit by opportunist criminals at both Somerfield and Waitrose in the High Street.
They are the most glaringly opportunist bunch of hypocrites in politics.