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opium / опиум, опий
имя существительное
opium, hop
имя существительное
a reddish-brown heavy-scented addictive drug prepared from the juice of the opium poppy, used as a narcotic and in medicine as an analgesic.
Surgeons would attempt to stupefy the patient with alcohol, opium , or morphia, but with little effect.
he was addicted to opium
Against the recurrent agony, Scott took dangerously large amounts of opium .
Misawa also debunked the view that substitute crops need to be more profitable than illegal opium .
In 1804, while at Oxford, he had begun to take opium , and from 1812 he became an addict.
Both are controlled drugs, and staff handed the morphine and opium over to the Home Office Drugs Inspectorate.
But we have to remember that in the nineteenth century opium was a painkiller.
With minimal discretion, sly-looking men lounge amidst bricks of hash and balls of opium .
These suggestions were based on evidence that showed that opium was addictive.
Picasso had a brief flirtation with opium and hashish, during the Rose and Blue periods, but soon abandoned them.
In the big house, there are also special rooms for smoking opium , playing mahjong and even fishing.