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opinion / мнение, взгляд, убеждение
имя существительное
opinion, view, mind, belief, say, judgment
sight, view, look, opinion, glance, eye
conviction, belief, persuasion, opinion, doxy
имя существительное
a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.
I'm writing to voice my opinion on an issue of great importance
You also should get an expert opinion from a medical professional.
Again, I don't know that much about South Africa, but this is my opinion based on the facts I do know.
It went through six printings in its first year, but its effect on majority opinion was, for many years to come, negligible.
Are you able to provide an opinion or counsel's opinion on the merits?
Given my lack of knowledge, why would anyone be interested in my opinion ?
In addition, parents should be given advice on seeking a second opinion if they wish.
What, in your opinion , is the significance of the fact that many modern appliances are designed to be used with one hand?
Should he bow to majority opinion or retreat into his own private moral code?
The traditional view, and I'm sure the majority of opinion supports it, is that the Attorney-General does have a role.
a dissenting opinion adjudged that the government had the right to protect ‘the symbolic value of the flag’