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opine / полагать, высказываться, высказывать мнение
believe, think, suppose, guess, consider, opine
express, speak, speak up, pronounce, declare, opine
высказывать мнение
comment, opine, report, speak one's mind
hold and state as one's opinion.
“The man is a genius,” he opined
Commentators now opine that he will opt for a super-safe appointment of someone worthy but without profile who will walk and talk with dignity and say nothing of substance.
Doctors opine that is the major reason for his current loss of memory.
This is a major reason for the heavy tourist inflow into the State, opine travel agents.
The prime minister opined that banks should come forward to help the farmers who are in distress in some form other other.
In the other locker room, Carmelo Anthony was opining that a Denver victory would so decimate the Wolves that the entire franchise would go out of business.
He was equally candid in opining that ‘both parties have been guilty of this’ and that there is definitely some ‘payback going on here.’
Minutes of routine meetings record officials opining that the red leaves of ornamental bushes will clash with the brick of a shopping center sign and instructing a housing developer to build more single-story homes on certain streets.
Composers such as Finnissy and Dillon illustrate his impact, and a host of younger ones were at the South Bank, among them Jonathan Cole, on the Purcell Room panel, opining that only ‘a few dinosaurs’ would have a problem with the composer.
Nudity in current cinema is just the other side of the coin, she opined when asked about her comments.
C.P. Scott, Manchester Guardian editor from 1872 to 1929, will always be in journalism's pantheon for opining that ‘comment is free, but facts are sacred’.