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operator / оператор, рабочий, радист
имя существительное
operator, statement, operation, instruction, controller, manipulator
worker, laborer, workman, operator, working man, laboring man
radioman, operator, spark, radio-operator
имя существительное
a person who operates equipment or a machine.
a radio operator
a person or company that engages in or runs a business or enterprise.
a tour operator
a person who acts in a specified, especially a manipulative, way.
her reputation as a cool, clever operator
a symbol or function denoting an operation (e.g., ×, +).
His recent breakthroughs in the theory of characteristic functions for several commuting operators indicate that in spite of his seventy years, mathematically Moshe is still a young man.
Another poignant shot captures the delight of machine operator Fritz Hummel after hearing by radio of the birth of his first son.
Lonesome tells the story of a punch-press operator named Jim and a telephone switchboard operator named Mary who are desperately lonely, and then meet by chance during a holiday at Coney Island.
Seemingly on his way out when he was shifted from the Foreign Office at the last reshuffle, this shrewd operator may have identified a swift route back to the heart of the government.
While he could be a shrewd and tough political operator when it was needed, he will mainly be remembered as a decent trustworthy person with an deep core of human kindness.
He began to write while earning his living as a translator, caretaker, switchboard operator , editor, and cook on an oil tanker.
Now, in such a situation a really clever operator will only drop in a few of the ‘convincers’ that he has already developed and stored away.
Shortly after, when her telephone call for help is ignored by a gossiping switchboard operator , she meets her own end, on the blade of a bayonet.
A business graduate, he began to earn a name for himself as a shrewd and energetic operator at NCB stockbrokers.
Come on, there used to be ticket takers at the ferries, actual bank tellers for withdrawing money and a switchboard operator to assist you with making telephone calls.
a radio operator