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operable / действующий, операбельный, оперируемый
имя прилагательное
acting, active, valid, effective, working, operable
имя прилагательное
able to be used.
the storm left only one operable voice channel
able to be treated by means of a surgical operation.
operable breast cancer
Between a quarter and a third of women diagnosed with operable breast cancer will have a recurrence of their disease within five years of it being diagnosed.
And what proportion of the cancers were what would be considered operable ?
Once DNA sequencing devices become operable by an unskilled individual anyone will be able to find out their own DNA sequence.
Within five years of the diagnosis of operable breast cancer, the disease recurs in up to one third of women.
Up to eight devices can be connected to a computer, and everything will be operable through the mouse, says Chezhian.
Iowa State's 150-ton teaching reactor, first operable in November 1959, was one of the first teaching reactors operated by a U.S. university.
Whatever the case may be, it is clear that surgical treatment for operable lung cancer has come a far way since its formidable beginning of pneumonectomy in 1933.
I was quite hopeful her condition was operable .
He said that only 75 percent of the existing 800 water hydrants located near high-rises and other public facilities were operable .
But the challenge ahead lies in making the decree operable , so that it complements other regulations and is adopted by the regions, thus assisting in eliminating victim stigmatization and discrimination in the workplace.