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opera / опера, оперное искусство
имя существительное
оперное искусство
имя существительное
a dramatic work in one or more acts, set to music for singers and instrumentalists.
In the 1770s he began composing symphonies, concertos, operas and theater music.
имя существительное
a separate composition or set of compositions by a particular composer, usually ordered by date of publication.
The Gambler was Prokofiev's sixth opera, despite its early opus number
any artistic work, especially one on a large scale.
he was writing an opus on Mexico
a very grand programme of opera and ballet
On the other hand, there's nothing like going to the opera or Shakespearean theatre on a mild dose of magic mushrooms.
Verdi mavens and lovers of opera in general will surely want this fine recording.
There are many people who are very used to listening to opera , classical music, world music, and pop in languages other than their own.
It was a fitting tribute to a man whose love of the arts, especially fine art, classical music and opera , is one of his great passions.
In the last few years London has seen a variety of operatic styles in contemporary opera .
The way that we go to the opera , the theatre and the concert has hardly changed for centuries.
Are we going to take the narrow view which sees Scottish Opera as an oxymoron, and opera and classical music as not really Scottish?
You decide to splash out on a night at the opera , but the theatre is full.
Theatre and opera were bounded by the physical limitations of scenery and props.