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opening / открытие, отверстие, вскрытие
имя существительное
opening, discovery, finding, revelation, breakthrough, disclosure
hole, opening, port, aperture, orifice, slot
opening, autopsy, dissection, removal
имя прилагательное
first, top, former, maiden, opening, premier
elementary, initial, primary, early, opening, incipient
имя прилагательное
coming at the beginning of something; initial.
she stole the show with her opening remark
имя существительное
an aperture or gap, especially one allowing access.
she peered through one of the smaller openings
a beginning; an initial part.
Maya started tapping out the opening of her story
an opportunity to achieve something.
they seem to have exploited fully the openings offered
move or adjust (a door or window) so as to leave a space allowing access and view.
she opened the door and went in
unfold or be unfolded; spread out.
the eagle opened its wings and circled up into the air
make available or more widely known.
the new plan proposed to open up opportunities to immigrants
establish (a new business, movement, or enterprise).
they have opened a new restaurant across the street
break the conducting path of (an electrical circuit).
the switch opens the motor circuit
Yet the opening to the West offered by the EU could bring huge economic benefits to Iran.
He justified his inclusion on the British Lions tour of Australia in the summer, scoring a try in the opening test match in Adelaide which the Lions won.
After the ceremonial opening , a hymn should be read from the Guru Granth Sahib.
Because this opening is a mainstay in the repertoires of tens of thousands of amateurs.
As of late she hadn't spoken about Casey; and I haven't offered her an opening to do so.
Its slowburning choppy intro starts like the opening to a Jewish hymn, before the entire band bursts into a kaleidoscopic sound addiction.
Large crowds were gathered to celebrate the opening of a new sewage plant, another step along the road of reconstruction.
The idea is that one can play this opening without having to memorize a great number of lines.
Newbridge shared the points with North Kildare in this opening league match of the season, played at Rosetown.
I was hired because those most concerned wanted a vigorous lecturer to fill the available opening .