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opener / консервный нож, открывашка, первый номер программы
имя существительное
консервный нож
opener, can-opener, tin-opener
первый номер программы
имя существительное
a device for opening something, especially a container.
a bottle opener
the first of a series of games, cultural events, etc..
the league opener is three weeks away
Eight minutes after Thompson's opener , Ian Wright scored an equaliser after being put through by the elegant Dennis Bergkamp.
Bannister equalized after Armstrong's opener for Palace
One's a mouth, one's a shark's tail bottle opener .
we blurted out the obvious opener
Eventually Belmount got a lucky break in the box to score the opener to leave Clonaslee frustrated at the break.
Daryl Robson had scored Strensall's opener with Tom Shaughnessy replying for Bridge.
In fact it took Rangers until 40 minutes to score the opener , a free kick by Caillin Canning nested in the back of the Baltinglass net.
After all the hype in the build-up to Friday night's opener , a series of extremely one-sided results on the weekend has taken away some of the Cup's momentum.
Sitting down beside him, Brenna wracked her brain for a conversation opener .
a letter opener