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open-ended / не ограниченный временем, неокончательный, неограниченный
имя прилагательное
не ограниченный временем
inconclusive, indecisive, indeterminate, commutable, undecisive, open-ended
unlimited, unbounded, unrestricted, indefinite, absolute, open-ended
имя прилагательное
having no determined limit or boundary.
the return invitation was open-ended
Scarborough Council said its agreement with him has already been extended until December and is fairly open-ended to continue beyond that.
But no obligation of this kind can be open-ended and without limit of time.
The youth interviews included both a series of structured questions and a series of open-ended questions.
Staff who use open-ended questions or statements allow the child to express the primary emphasis.
Thirty-seven patients had comments in response to the open-ended question at both interviews.
Therefore an open-ended question appeared at the end for that purpose.
The use of open-ended questions gave specific information on what the students were getting from the text.
‘He wasn't in favour of giving an open-ended commitment but we will be able to avoid that,’ a source said.
Each knowledge item was developed to assess a specific workshop objective and is an open-ended question.
These helped further to encourage open-ended arms competition and limited the search for areas of mutual co-operation.