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open / открыть, открывать, открываться
open, unblock, turn up, broach, unbar
open, uncover, discover, reveal, unfold, start
open, unclose
disclose, reveal, open, unfold, uncover, open up
open, unfold, open up, open out, unfurl, dehisce
имя прилагательное
open, opened, uncovered, public, frank, discovered
открытого типа
disclosed, open, uncapped
frank, explicit, outspoken, open, forthright, straightforward
имя существительное
открытое пространство
открытое море
high seas, open, main
открытый чемпионат
prospect, perspective, outlook, vista, possibility, open
имя прилагательное
allowing access, passage, or a view through an empty space; not closed or blocked up.
it was a warm evening and the window was open
exposed to the air or to view; not covered.
an open fire burned in the grate
(of a store, place of entertainment, etc.) officially admitting customers or visitors; available for business.
the store stays open until 9 p.m.
(of a person) frank and communicative; not given to deception or concealment.
she was open and naive
(of a question, case, or decision) not finally settled; still admitting of debate.
students' choice of major can be kept open until the second year
имя существительное
a championship or competition with no restrictions on who may qualify to compete.
the venue for the British Open
an accidental break in the conducting path for an electrical current.
An open in a wire prevents the propagation of a signal past the open.
move or adjust (a door or window) so as to leave a space allowing access and view.
she opened the door and went in
unfold or be unfolded; spread out.
the eagle opened its wings and circled up into the air
make available or more widely known.
the new plan proposed to open up opportunities to immigrants
establish (a new business, movement, or enterprise).
they have opened a new restaurant across the street
break the conducting path of (an electrical circuit).
the switch opens the motor circuit
What are the fees to keep the account open and to do transactions?
His presence in midfield has proved the catalyst for Saints' exciting open style of play.
Instead, the food is cooked over open fires, causing serious deforestation.
I had an open ticket to return to Thailand.
In the heart of Lanarkshire, just nine miles from the centre of Glasgow, lies a vast expanse of open land.
Only the unit at Chippenham Hospital stays open around the clock.
In Germany it is possible to buy small gold bars and coins and open gold accounts in bank branches.
The only credentials they had to open a business were their self-taught skills.
The riverside, its wildlife, its views, its open spaces and historic features are close to all our hearts.
Those who want to pamper themselves can head to the spa as the offer is open only till October 31.