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ope / открытое пространство, открытое море, открытый чемпионат
имя существительное
открытое пространство
открытое море
high seas, open, main
открытый чемпионат
имя существительное
a championship or competition with no restrictions on who may qualify to compete.
the venue for the British Open
an accidental break in the conducting path for an electrical current.
An open in a wire prevents the propagation of a signal past the open.
It is Gratiano who, hearing cross-examined Iago's final resolve to speak no more, exclaims ‘Torments will ope your lips’.
For rhetoric, he could not ope His mouth but out there flew a trope; And when he happened to break off In the middle of his speech, or cough, He had hard words ready to show why, And tell what rules he did it by.
Perhaps one of the first to come to mind is the expression given of his time by the returning exile on ‘The Exiles Return’, when he stated ‘But dreams are dreams any my eyes would ope to find Texas skies still ore me.’
Livermore identified with the slave mother and defended her actions when she wrote, ‘Ay, my hand could ope the casket, and thy precious soul set free: Better for thee death in Heaven, than a life of slavery!’