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opaline / опаловый, имеющий молочный отлив
имя прилагательное
opal, opalescent, opaline, opalesque
имеющий молочный отлив
opalescent, opalesque, opaline
имя существительное
матовое стекло
frosted glass, ground glass, matte, opal glass, opaline
имя существительное
translucent glass of a color other than white.
There is a Tiffany scarf, a gift from its designer, and an opaline pear drop necklace of Cabouchon stones with a photograph of Connolly wearing it.
Instead she merely watched him and admired how the sun reflected off his opaline and topaz colored feathers.
It is known that opaline silica is prone to dissolution on the sea floor.
Under the weight of the wild mushrooms, gnocchi, grilled fennel, and basil oil, opaline scallops simply disappear.
A favorite combination for the dining table is a row of six opaline blue glasses found at a flea market.
The lighthouse is just as beautiful inside as out, lined with clear blue opaline tiles that would grace an eastern palace, and with a handsome open staircase.
Sponges have an internal skeleton composed of needle-like elements called spicules, which can be composed of calcium carbonate, opaline silica, or fibres of the scleroprotein spongin.
He had rich, wavy hair of a raven black hue and opaline green eyes that she swore looked right into her soul.
He decorated glass of at least six colours: clear, opaque and opaline white, green, amethyst and several shades of blue.
Citron grills octopus until it's sultry and smoky, then adds opaline orbs of cod cheeks to soak up a rich black-currant-and-caper broth.