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opal / опал
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
opal, opalescent, opaline, opalesque
с молочным оттенком
имя существительное
a gemstone consisting of hydrated silica, typically semitransparent and showing varying colors against a pale or dark ground.
The traditional kundan work has also been embellished with semi-precious and precious stones and beads such as tourmalines, tanzanites, opals , aquamarine and peridots.
The third and final one was an anklet and the jewel was a turquoise opal .
An opal ring on her finger caught the fire of a faraway chandelier.
In a blinding flash the diamond, moonstone, opal , ruby and sapphire were molded together, inseparable, forever.
The council sat silently while he passed out an onyx and an opal to every one.
Examples of various types of opal gemstones and opal jewelry are part of the exhibit.
Such a structure reflects light in unusual ways similar to mother-of-pearl or the gemstone opal .
a large opal
It is said the opal will turn pale if brought into the presence of poison.
But the one piece that attracted me was an opal and diamond ring.
The gem was not a ruby, and it wasn't an emerald either, and it wasn't a diamond or an opal or a pearl, and it wasn't jade or tourmaline or jasper.