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opacity / непрозрачность, помутнение, неясность
имя существительное
opacity, opaqueness
opacity, obfuscation
ambiguity, obscurity, haziness, opacity, fuzziness, indistinctness
имя существительное
the condition of lacking transparency or translucence; opaqueness.
thinner paints need black added to increase opacity
The commingling of transparency and opacity is handled with remarkable skill.
The dark glass wall, on the entrance facade, shifts between transparency and a dark, reflective opacity , depending on lighting conditions and the spectator's point of view.
Despite its opacity , certain qualities of the proposed constitution shine through.
An Archaeology of Socialism, despite its difficult language and occasional conceptual opacity , deserves to be read.
These stripes often alternate between dense opacity and a milky translucence that barely hides the underlying layers.
thinner paints need black added to increase opacity
There is a continuous interplay between transparency and white opacity , view and closure, partly because the presence of neighbours on both sides who seem too close to the client.
It acts as an intermediate space between the natural world and the artificial, and its effects of light and shadow, transparency, translucency and even opacity alter constantly with weather, time and season.
The photoinduced side effects of all these drugs were, in particular, changes in the skin pigmentation, corneal opacity , cataract formation and retinopathy.
Its crucial feature is a quality of opacity that forces us to think; it must ‘tease us out of thought’ (Keats).