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ooze / ил, тина, липкая грязь
имя существительное
sludge, silt, mud, ooze, slime, clay
slime, mud, ooze, sludge, clay
липкая грязь
trickle, ooze, trickle out, trickle down, bleed, trickle through
flow out, run out, stream, ensue, outflow, ooze
медленно течь
имя существительное
the sluggish flow of a fluid.
Bleeding was defined as any ooze , leaking, or frank blood drainage from the puncture site.
an infusion of oak bark or other vegetable matter, used in tanning.
wet mud or slime, especially that found at the bottom of a river, lake, or sea.
We learned that razorbacks live on the bottom of the river where they eat zooplankton, bugs, and river bottom ooze off the rocks and mud.
(of a fluid) slowly trickle or seep out of something; flow in a very gradual way.
blood was oozing from a wound in his scalp
give a powerful impression of (a quality).
he oozed charm and poise
There it was, immense and gray and hulking, a 200-foot wall of boulders and gravel and muddy ooze .
He saw nothing, at first, more of the same pools of ooze .
However, in the case of their diamond sparkle lip gloss, which has little sparkly bits suspended in the viscous ooze , this is particularly appalling.
The monster stumbled back as purple ooze started to spill out of its metallic form.
The slime - a thick, mucus-like substance that smelled positively dreadful - was dribbling down the steps in a slow and steady ooze .
But the banks continue to be muddy primeval ooze .
Surgeons identified the source of bleeding as venous ooze from the edge of her vagina and secured haemostasis.
abandoned barges sunk in ooze
Then it gave out a horrible, inhuman wail and melted back into black ooze .
The answer of course, lies somewhere in between - somewhere deep in the primordial minestrone ooze where a new kind of food was born.