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oops / Ой!, Оп!, Ох!
Oh!, Oops!, Ouch!, O!
Oh!, O!, Oops!
used to show recognition of a mistake or minor accident, often as part of an apology.
“Oops! I'm sorry. I just made you miss your bus.”
Every few steps or so I'd hit her foot (or step on it, oops !) and she would wince, but try to hide her pain.
And maybe that was just as well as Britney mimed more than just songs, she also worked her way through a costumer's Kama Sutra and oops !
Times are tough for the New Autocrats - oops , I mean Democrats.
Apparently I had dialed the phone number of the local police station by mistake, oops .
Well, I think the process here gives you ample opportunity to say, oops , I made a mistake and ask for another ballot.
She is one of those show-off, marathon-running types of people… oops !
Alas, the upshot is that I've missed nine years pensions' contributions, oops !
The finger has been pointed and it's about to strike a match to light a cigarette which is carelessly dangling from my lips and oops !
Let's do the time-warp…… oops , sorry, got a bit carried away there.
But it is as though the details leading up to his grand entrance take up all the time until - oops !